Tin Odescalchi

b. 1964  Holland


Painter Tin Odescalchi (b1964, Holland) trained at the Gloucestershire College of Art in the 1980s before attending the Vienna Academie, where she studied under Professor Rudolph Hausner. Tin has held solo shows internationally in Hong Kong, Chicago and South Carolina, USA, as well as in the UK. She returned to England from the States in 1994.


Originally an equestrian artist, painting portraits of race and event horses, since the 1990s the focus of Tin Odescalchi's work has shifted to landscapes, portraits and urban scenes, and she has completed many notable private commissions. Hidden beneath most of Tin's new work are powerful universal symbols giving out positive energy and well-being.


'I paint from life, working fast, as the urgency of capturing the changing light in a landscape adds energy and vibrancy to my paintings. My work is all about communicating what is in front of me - the essence of what I am seeing - but at the same time using the quality of the paint itself.  From close up, the paintings are about the quantity and lusciousness of paint and brush strokes which makes its own landscape, but as you step back, the image I have been working to create becomes clear.'