23 January - 13 February 2021

As it is likely that the beginning of this exhibition will be in lockdown, worry not! Should you wish to view or purchase any of the Matisse lithographs illustrated in the catalogue, or on the website, please telephone or email the gallery (tel: 01608 652255 or email: gallery@johndaviesgallery.com) and we will send the example out to you. If you like it from the illustration, you will love it when you see it!

All the lithographs are framed. Should you not be satisfied with your purchase on receipt,  simply return it in the original packaging.


Should we be free of lockdown, please join us 

Saturday, January 23rd  11am - 5pm


Sunday, 24th 12 noon - 3pm


Thereafter the gallery will be open

Wednesday - Friday 10am - 5pm 

Saturday 11am - 3pm

Please telephone or email to reserve your time

Telephone: 01608 652255  Email: gallery@johndaviesgallery.com