Chris Prout


Chris is an established known for his dynamic interpretation of land, sea and architecture. His paintings are rich in colour, texture and are impressionistic or semi abstract in style. Inspired by nature, the coast and the hills, Chris enjoys working from direct contact with his subject matter. Whether on location or in his Northamptonshire studio. Reveling in the contrasting topography and dramatic effects of light and shape, the countryside of Wales and Norfolk have formed a backdrop to his work.


A keen draughtsman, studying, drawing, and physically absorbing his chosen environments are the key components to Chris's finished works. His painting style is brisk, atmospheric, and carefree, though his consideration of composition and colour is evident. Painting mainly in his preferred and versatile medium of acrylic, his mark making is bold and layered, which makes for distinctive and original art. Whether he works on canvas, paper or wood panel, Chris uses a brush and palette knife…  or anything to make the right impression as he tussles with the surface to achieve the desired effect!

 Chris has been creative since leaving college in 1987. He trained in technical illustration and found his niche as an architectural illustrator, visualiser and concept artist for 20 years. Since becoming a full-time artist, his work has been widely exhibited throughout the country, with successful exhibitions in Wales, Norfolk, Derbyshire, and Northamptonshire. Chris has recently completed a private commission of 18 paintings.

 His work can now be found in many private collections throughout the UK, America, Australia, Japan, and Europe.